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Established 50 years ago by a couple of old-school lawyers.

Colwell Conveyancing Group (previously David Colwell Lawyers) now solely focuses on conveyancing, by combining old-school values with digital power!

Our no-nonsense, fully expert, 4-steps process

We designed our conveyancing services to make buying, selling or transferring a property as simple and hassle-free as can be.








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We’re with you from when you start thinking about buying, through all the paperwork and on to settlement.


Yesss! You’ve sold! Before anyone signs anything, it’s time to get some expert eyes so your sale goes through without a hitch.


When you need to transfer a property into someone else’s name, we know transfers from top to boom.

Step 1 - Examine

Your contract comes to us and we get to work, poring over 

every word, examining inclusions and exclusions, and verifying facts.

Step 2 - Advice

We come back to you with our expert advice about your 

position in the transaction, which will empower you to be in the know and in control.

Step 3 - Communication

Conveyancing can be really easy or really complex, 

and anywhere in between. We won’t bore you with all the things that we might need to do in Step 3, we just do it. Either way, after 50 years we’ve seen it all. We know that communication with you from Day 1 through to settlement can be a small or big deal, but it’s what will ultimately achieve the desired result.

Step 4 - Settle

Settle and celebrate – this is the day we’ve all been looking forward to!

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