Introducing Colwell Conveyancing Group: 50 years of history, a solid future of service excellence

Introducing Colwell Conveyancing Group: 50 years of history, a solid future of service excellence

David Colwell Lawyers announces, very loudly and proudly, that we are now honing our focus purely on conveyancing, specifically with a digital-first approach.

The old-school values that you know and love about our business will remain unchanged and people will always come first. What is changing is the move to digital and we’re committed to providing an exceptional experience around every property transaction we administer.

We’re partnering with Australian property settlement platform PEXA Group to deliver a more efficient, cost-effective and expedited conveyancing service. PEXA, whose market share exceeds 80 per cent and who also holds a 38 per cent stake in property data platform Landchecker, names Queensland as the fastest growing property market in Australia.

What you’ll notice first is our fresh, vibrant rebranding. It’s all about colour, energy and celebration. And when you really get to know the new Colwell Conveyancing Group, you’ll find it’s been created from the ground up to be a support system that utterly delights our clients and smooths the way for them. We’ll deliver on confidence through user-friendliness, security and the credibility that comes from our fifty years as a multidisciplinary law firm.

Our new Managing Director, Nic Gould, formerly of GKS Law and an Australian Army veteran, is excited about the firm’s rebirth as a conveyancing force to be reckoned with.

“It’s time to shake things up,” he says. “Conveyancing has been a bit dusty and moth bally for far too long. It’s a critical element of any property transaction and deserves to have a big fat spotlight shone on it to show it off as the dynamic game-changer it is. Our team is made up of passionate conveyancing specialists. We love it, live it and breathe it, and ultimately, our enthusiasm shows in everything we do.”

Nic says he couldn’t be prouder of the firm’s history and the decades of trust that form its bedrock for a robust future.

“We know there can sometimes be resistance to new technology. We’re very intentional about letting our referrers and clients know we’re still the same human-oriented organisation as before. But now, we’re using incredible tools that clients will only notice because they make everything simpler, quicker and cheaper.”

We’re looking forward to making a superstar out of conveyancing and in the process, becoming a major player whose heart is in the right place and finger is firmly on the digital pulse. The CCG transformation will better serve referrers and welcome a whole new generation of clients, and we expect to make plenty of noise, so stay tuned.

The firm launched the fresh new brand with an event at the Breakfast Creek Hotel in Brisbane, celebrating with their highly-valued network of referrers, agents and brokers.